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Nov 21









nobody should be arrested for assaulting or murdering a rapist

Especially when you catch that motherfucker in the act. Your life is forfeit at that moment.

… no. I do not believe in the death penalty. This is wrong. This is a disgusting post. YAY LET’S ADVOCATE MURDER or how about not.

exactly what is wrong with killing a rapist?

I think the killing bit is what I have an issue with.

i think the being a rapist bit is what I have an issue with.

congrats people don’t forfeit their life ever, there’s no situation where someone gives up their right to live

yea hey if you kill them in self-defence, whatever, self-defence is actually a thing

but advocating murder of all rapists, outside of self-defence? no.

what does anyone accomplish in supporting the right of rapists to live?

What does anyone accomplish is supporting any criminals right to live?

They are humans despite their crimes and all humans deserve to at least live.

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    okay this is just so wrong i can’t even speak. STOP. EVERYONE WHO REBLOGGED THIS IS SO i can’t even…
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    rape is that kind of thing that I would not want anyone to be subject to even the most níþ of níþingas for the purpose...
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    Wouldn’t spending life in prison be more of a punishment than death. Most people in prison don’t take kindly to rapists...
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    I’d kill every single one of the men who sexually hurt me in one way or another. Ruthlessly and without regret. I don’t...
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    ^ all of that. And if I had the chance to kill my rapists, self defense or otherwise, I would do it. No remorse. No...